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Info commands

Command Description
s-anime Shows you some information about a Anime
s-about Information about me.
s-help Here you can find all commands
s-leaderboard-rank Top ten ranked XP user
s-leaderboard-pvp The hardest peoples
s-rank See the current XP level from you or other user.
s-usage Here you can fget information about a command
s-weather Get weather information for a location

Game commands

Command Description
s-akinator Play with akinator
s-coinflip Flip a coin
s-rps Play a rock, paper, scissors game with the bot.
s-wouldyourather Would You Rather Challenge. Only available in english

Interaction commands

Command Description
s-angry None
s-bite None
s-bread None
s-chocolate None
s-cuddle None
s-dance None
s-drunk None
s-happy None
s-kill None
s-kiss None
s-laugh None
s-lick None
s-lonely None
s-pat None
s-poke None
s-pregnant None
s-punch None
s-spank None
s-tickle None

Moderation commands

Command Description
s-clearchat Delete messages
s-kick Kick a user from the Discord Server
s-moveusers Move all users to another voice channel.

Setting commands

Command Description
s-add-reactionrole Add a reaction to a message, to add a role to the user who reacted
s-globalchat Add or remove your guild from the Globalchat
s-messagechannel Set channel for specific messageevents
s-language Change the language, that i speak
s-prefix Change my prefix
s-settempchannel Start the Tempchannel setup

Other commands

Command Description
s-askme Ask me something and i answer you with yes or no
s-avatar Get your or others avatar
s-gayrate Get your or others Gayness
s-horny Shows you how horny you are
s-mcserver Some information about a minecraft server
s-owofy Owofy your message UWU
s-ping Ping the Bot and the API
s-ship Make a love Test between two users
s-suggest Suggest an idea
s-shorturl Short a loooooong url.
s-youtube-together Watch youtube in a voice channel together with your friend