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Third party terms

Satou-chan-Web is using Cloudflare  to make the system more secure. You can find their TOS here.

Satou-chan-Web is using GWorks CDN  for their pictures.

Satou-chan-Bot is using the Discord API to communicate with their systems. You can find their TOS here

Satou Terms

 Logs & Storage
The user data is stored in a GWorks MongoDB.

These are data that we save about the users and their guilds:
-Your discord GuildID
-How much guilds you own or moderate

We log commands you use in a temporary folder. That file include:
-Your Guild
-Your Name
-Error Message

GWorks have the right to delete your data from their server with no reason. These can NOT be restored afterwards.

Misuse can lead to the withdrawal of usage rights

Satou-Chan 2021